Mobile Point-of-Sale is changing the way retailers are doing business. Major retailers like Apple, Home Depot, Nordstrom and JCPenney are already enjoying the rewards of increased sales and customer satisfaction that mPOS brings. But with a system that’s always moving, how can retailers give customers and employees the freedom and benefits of mPOS while still maintaining control of security and loss prevention? Introducing a revolution in video security that keeps you on top of your mPOS system: DejaView mPOS Surveillance integrates Bluetooth technology with HD video to track customers’ and employees’ Mobile POS devices anywhere in the store, giving you fully searchable video. That means that no matter where a mobile transaction takes place in your store, the event can be time-stamped, searched and reviewed at a moment’s notice.

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With DejaView Tracking Surveillance System, you can track, evaluate and improve employee sales technique.

Loss Prevention

Track and monitor employees and customers engaged in mPOS transactions.

Purchase Behavior Learning

Track and observe customer response to displays, promotions, brands and purchases.